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Polly Lambden (Co-Founder of Rangers Riding Ranch Project)

I started working with horses when I was 16, before this I had no previous teachings about horses or even riding. My teacher was an ex racer called Legend (pictured with me), he was a bit fiery when I got him but we just fell in love instantly and I knew then I would do whatever it took to get over his issues with him, he was my best friend and made my life complete he understood me like no one else could. If I’d never met legend I’m not too sure where I would be now but I know that the happiness he has given to me I want to share with everyone else, when I was younger I loved horses and always wanted to learn how to ride but I let my vision slip away so as soon as I could I got in a saddle and I learnt how to ride and it’s the best step I’ve ever taken to be able to feel so proud of your animals and to love them with absolute compassion and to see them progress with you, well the feeling you just can’t describe and I don’t think that any child should be taken away from their dream. Challenged or not horse riding feels as if it sets your soul free to be able to choose and progress – that is the future I want, what about you?

PHOTO CREDITS: Reflections Photography

PHOTO CREDITS: Reflections Photography

Dean Brockway (Co-Founder of Rangers Riding Ranch Project)

I hold a BSc in Geography and a MA in the Geography of Third World Development, which was where I first gained an interest in issues affecting developing countries.  Prior to co-founding Ranger’s Riding Ranch, I worked in several different roles including as a civil servant for HMRC and as
a care assistant working with the elderly mentally ill.  I then went on to train as a secondary school teacher specialising in Geography with ICT and spent almost nine years teaching in schools in Essex and Cambridge including spending a number of years as Head of Geography in a school with a higher percentage of pupils on the Special Educational Needs Register.  It was during this time I co-founded an educational charity, Education for Everyone (UK) with my late wife and this provided me with a
good grounding in how the charitable sector operates. I am a passionate believer that every child has a right to an education whether that takes place in the formal setting of a school or more informal settings including the Rangers Riding Ranch Project.

Mark Hanretty (Ambassador)

Mark Hanretty is a Scottish born ice skater who represented Great Britain at world and European
championships. He is best known for his role as a professional skater on ITV’s hit show, Dancing on
Ice.  When not performing on our screens, Mark is a coach and choreographer to some of Britain’s
best budding stars and has choreographed throughout the world and had his work performed at the Olympic Games.  He is married to fellow skater, Kathy, and together they have created “Hanretty Skate Camps” which runs successful courses for competitive skaters around the U.K. Mark and Kathy have two children: Lukasz and Liola.


My full name is Thistledown Firecracker, but my friends call me Cracker for short.  I am a show pony and love to be dramatic when I prance, I also like to learn new things and in my spare time, I like to groom my mummy’s hair and licking people’s hands.  Ohhh and of course I loved to be groomed and made a fuss of because I am so handsome.

My name is Legend, aka Lazy Legend and I am an ex-racer. This year I will be 21 but it does not stop me from jumping and tent pegging because I just love it. Lots of people get put off me because they think I’m a crazy ex racer, but I look after my riders and I’m very laid back, I love to go on hacks and in my spare time I like grazing with Sparkle. Cracker, however, is like my little brother and we like to spend lots of time together grooming or munching hay.

Coming home soon :)

My name is Sparkle and I am a little grey pony.  I like to graze alongside my best friend Legend and when I am not doing that I love to go out into the school and learn new stunts. However, when I first came to my new home, I was very nervous and scared.  My mummy understood, that because of my reactions that, I didn’t have the best start to life but she never gave up trying to show me that I could love again and not be scared of people.